Hi, you can call me Flower! I'm a pokehead with a love for flowers and the color orange. Click on the link to my carrd to see my other social medias.


11/19/22 11:11pm

woah! its 11:11, make a wish! well, by the time i post this, itll probably be a few minutes past then...i usually add the time after im done writing my posts, but i just looked at my clock and saw that and it was too perfect not to point out. mm, yep, its 11:12 now. GFHJDSGHJF

so heyyyy pokemon scarlet huh! its such a glitchy mess, thats all everyone ever talks about GYUFHJDSGYHJFGJ......ugh. i hate that aspect too, it feels like all these corperations are getting away with launching unfinished messed up games and patching them later. something needs to be done about that...

but politics and all that aside, ive been having a lot of fun with the game! its a bit harder than usual pokemon games...pokemon fans have been asking for this game for children to be more difficult for awhile now. ugh. i hate that. and now its happened! BUT HEY!! its still fun, i love the new pokemon designs, i love all the different quests and woo nelly filling out the pokedex is super satisfying

speaking of pokemon, i added the pokedex section!! you can check it out, but so far only one pokemon is there! ill be adding more later, and slowly adding the other sections too. its been fun building my own website and just having a space to gush about my interests, i think everyone should do this sort of thing!

welp, ill catch you later, see you when i see you! ill be gaming and trying to level up my chansey so it evolves...

11/17/22 7:19pm

I woke up super late today, like 2pm...i usually wake up at 1 to be fair GHFDSGHFJ but anyway, i havent been active online much at all because ive been playing more pokemon soul silver. i suspect ill be even less active when scarlet comes out, im so freaking excited for that omg. ill still be on discord of course, im almost always active on there. but just not on tumblr, spark, or...well, those are all the websites im on other than this one LOL.

speaking of that, i did add the garden section to my site, so check that out!!!

back to soul silver...i LOVE the amount of side content this game has. the game corner, the bug catching contest, the pokeathalon. if scarlet doesnt have this amount of fun side content with their open world, that would be super disappointing. sword and shield is kind of disappointing in that regard...unless if you want to spend like 60 bucks on the dlc (i do not, especially not at this point)

i hope you all have a great evening! im gonna game some more and maybe eventually ill add more to my site LOL! catch you later

11/16/22 5:46pm

Alright, heres my first normal blog post here. And of course its gonna be about Pokemon! one of my favorite things ever. I started playing pokemon soul silver again, i picked chikorita this time around. ive definetly gotten a bias for grass starters ever since ive gotten my obsession with flowers. but the thing is, i KNOW im gonna drop the game the second pokemon scarlet comes out. im so excited to play that, you have no idea!! i definetly have my critisisms about what ive seen of the game, and i cant freaking believe gamefreak leaked a huge portion of the game AGAIN. but anyway i LOVE the new pokemon designs, gimmighoul is such a baby and sprigitito is definetly gonna be my starter. even before i got my fixation on flowers, i knew i was gonna pick him. just look at him! kitty!!! anyway i think ive rambled on enough LOL, I gotta work on other sections of my site already!!

11/16/22 5:46pm

WOAH woah woah. Woah. I cant believe I ACTUALLY made a neocities account....coding has always really intimidated me, but my girlfriend showed me some awesome templates i can use. templates are definetly the way to go when you have pretty minimal knowlege of coding. i know the BARE minumum, i know where to copy and paste things but i could never write my own code from scratch. shout out to repth for making this super cool and customizable template! Now I just have to figure out how to add pages and such. It's still pretty intimidating to me, but I think I can actually do this! >:)